In my particular use case, I use GENERATE_RANGE with variables as the arguments. In some cases the "start" and "end" arguments are the same, and it works just fine, returning an array with a single value, the start/end value.
However, if I happen to use this function with a negative increment and the same start/end value, it immediately crashes the app, the Preview app, the web preview, and indeed it will even crash Composer immediately if you were to even type a formula like "GENERATE_RANGE(1,1,-1)" even without saving.
I've also found that even if I hide this bit of code in a branch of an IF statement that it should never get to, it still gets run somehow and crashes the app.
It seems like this function should work without crashing even with a negative increment, in which case something like "GENERATE_RANGE(1,1,-1)" would give "1", just like it would without the negative increment.