I'm still asking for your advice concerning this issue.
My app (ID 435186 "BirdSoundFinland"; runtime 4.5.7) consists of 279 SPECIES pages and each page has 1-40 "play audio"- buttons (totally 2500).
To avoid memory overflow of the device's async storage, I'm in the process of replacing all "stop audio"-functions with "delete audio playback"-functions of each stop-button. This works well if the user pushes on the stop-button but not if the user plays several recordings without stopping.
On each page I have used the same numbering for all "play audio/delete audio playback" ID:s (1-40) and in this way I have been able to perform a general deletion by adding 40 "delete audio playback" functions to the opening of the SEARCH page (see below).
But...if the user prefers to listen to recordings without stopping only through the ALL SPECIES page, a memory overflow problem will soon occur. To prevent this I would need to add the deletion below also to the opening of all the 279 SPECIES pages.
You don't happen to know any simpler solution to this? (a general async storage deletion flow function would be great!)