I have an issue when setting Visibility of a component. It weirdly only happens in a specific moment. I have a component that acts as a modal with a list of product for the user to select. As the product is tapped, it is removed from the modal's list.
I have a button to hide the modal, which just sets a page variable to false (showProductModal), and the modals visibility follows this variable. There is also another button that sets it to true.
These buttons work normally.
In the flow that removes the item from the list, there is also an If condition that checks if the list is empty and if so sets the showProductModal to false, so the modal hides when there are no items left to show. This is when the error occur in the preview app. Web version works normally.
There are some steps to reproduce the error: you need to login and load a list of products. I have made a video showing this process and the error, to clarify everything.
I have made a copy of the app at this version so you can analyze it, because I was able to workaround this by turning the var into a number and changing the component Z-index, instead.
You can use login 51987654321 with password 1234 in the app to login and be able to load the products.
App ID: 479321