Hi AppGyver,
Need help.
I've been working on this app for a month now.
It started last week when my app reached 11 pages, the composer is taking too long to open the project and sometimes it took half an hour to open. When i'm lucky it opens after just 10 or 15mins. If it's more than 30mins i just logout , delete the cookies then log in again.
Sometims my work around to continue updating the project, is to export/download the project then create a new one by importing the downloaded file.
My app has firebase authentication. I also tried removing the authentication on some created copies, but still getting same issues.
But since yesterday composer won't open the project and just stuck at loading, and also the new created projects from the exported copy.
I also tried on edge, chrome and firefox browsers.
Please find attached browser console screenshots.
App ID: 562661
Other App ID's of the same app: 566041, 566134
Thanks & Best Regards,