Back on November 21, 2021, we reported the bug described below. It has yet to be addressed. It is stopping the release of our application in web form. We shall truly appreciate if it can be resolved.
The project can be viewed correctly under the Android Preview and build, but is fails to view correctly in the Web App Previews or the Open Build Service.
Our pages have lengths exceeding the height of the viewing device (PC or tablet). To view these pages, we:
  1. Encapsulate the data in Scroll Views
  2. Use Stretch to the Viewport Height and Disable Scrolling
When the project is viewed in the Web App Preview, the pages are clipped to the bottom end of the page. Scroll views do not work.
Incidentally, we have a page where the user can dynamically request from the database a long list of data items. This page can expand to display correctly the long list and the page scrolls to the end.
As an additional problem,
buttons lose their text labels when viewed in the Web App Preview or are
compiled for distribution to the web. I have tried to compile using 3.4.10 and 3.3.5. The errors persist.
If you wish to view the app, the app ID is 375926
Thank you for your help solving this problem.